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Sea Scent at Keppel Club, a shining star in the Serve Best Catering portfolio, was an unforgettable fusion dining experience, celebrated by golfers and Singaporeans. While it closed its doors in 2022 to make way for the Greater Southern Waterfront’s redevelopment, Sea Scent’s legacy remains as a testament to Serve Best Catering’s commitment to excellence.

Culinary Excellence:
Sea Scent was a culinary oasis, combining flavors from around the world into exceptional fusion dishes. Whether savoring Japanese sashimi, Italian pasta, or Southeast Asian spices, the restaurant delighted diners with its creative and diverse menu.

Scenic Delight:
Nestled by the sea with stunning views of Sentosa Island, Sea Scent offered an unparalleled dining atmosphere. The gentle sea breeze and soothing waves created an ambiance that heightened the entire culinary experience.

A Club Favorite:
Keppel Club golfers and locals alike made Sea Scent their go-to destination. It was an integral part of Keppel Club’s heritage, enhancing the overall club experience and showcasing Serve Best Catering’s dedication to excellence.

A Lasting Legacy:
As Sea Scent bid farewell in 2022, it left a lasting impression. Its legacy continues to inspire Serve Best Catering’s pursuit of culinary innovation and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences.

In closing, Sea Scent at Keppel Club was a culinary masterpiece that remains etched in Serve Best Catering’s history. It embodies our passion for culinary artistry and hospitality, a spirit that drives us to continue our legacy of excellence. Serve Best Catering, where culinary greatness endures.

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