About the Founder

Meet Sebastian Tan, the culinary genius behind Serve Best Catering, whose passion for exceptional food has inspired a remarkable journey spanning more than 30 years in the catering industry.

Sebastian’s mission is simple yet profound: to share the joy of creating outstanding cuisine with everyone. This mission led him to found Serve Best Catering, and his dedication has left an indelible mark on countless events, from grand parades to intimate family gatherings.

With a prestigious track record catering for events like the SAF Day Parade, NTU and NUS Convocation Ceremonies, and Polytechnic graduations in Singapore, Sebastian has consistently elevated every occasion. He’s renowned for his ability to craft unique themes for special parties, orchestrate dream weddings, and create harmonious Chinese sit-down dining experiences.

Sebastian was the visionary behind Sea Scent Restaurant, a beloved Keppel Club establishment. In 2022, it made way for the Greater Southern Waterfront’s redevelopment, marking the end of an era.

As an educator, Sebastian mentored aspiring chefs, some of whom have gone on to become renowned, like fine-dining chef Justin Quek. Sebastian’s culinary journey is a testament to creativity, innovation, and an unwavering passion for the art of food.

Join us in experiencing the magic Sebastian brings to every plate and let Serve Best Catering transform your special moments into extraordinary culinary experiences.

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